Distribute Free Love Silver

Muvezi is actively seeking new distribution partners for bringing silver to the world’s impoverished.

Specifically, Muvezi seeks partners that:

  • are already working with the impoverished internationally, especially in Africa;
  • are a government-registered charity or not-for-profit organization;
  • have a visible multi-year track record of international service.

Silver products (includes Love Silver and Guardian Silver; liquid and gel) are provided free of charge through social enterprise that does not involve donations.

A Network of Goodwill

Prospective partners may currently be working on infrastructure projects, education initiatives, mission projects, or other efforts that advance the welfare of the world’s impoverished.

Approved partners will receive supplies at a Canadian or U.S. address. Muvezi will provide instructions for administration as helpful. Organizations will report results back to Muvezi.

Through this simple arrangement, organizations that are already serving the poor can provide greater assistance than possible when working alone.

To learn more about partnering with Muvezi to overcome infectious conditions worldwide, please contact us and let us know which organization you represent. Serious inquiries that include a qualifying organization’s website address will receive a reply.

Overcoming Malaria