Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Question: Where does the name “Muvezi” come from?

The Shona people of Africa have the word in their language which means “carver of stone.”  This word is “Muvezi.”

Our first charitable project was to create a renaissance of world-class stone sculpture in Zimbabwe.  Working with 200 of the finest stone carvers from this tradition, we provide materials, a market, and stability to these carvers.  We also provide Love Silver to people of the Shona tradition in need of assistance.

Although the scope of our charitable efforts has broadened since its inception, the Shona art project remains as an important part of our organization.

Question: What is Love Silver and how does it work?

For an overview, please visit the Love Silver page.

Question: What’s the difference between Guardian Silver and Love Silver?

The two silver products are identical except for the label and:

  • Love Silver Sol is only given away free of charge to those in need.
  • Guardian Silver Sol is for sale through a partnering business at

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