Get Involved

We invite you to participate.

Whether you are willing to contribute a few minutes’ time, near-fanatical volunteerism, or if you simply want to improve your own health first, your involvement helps

We’ve prepared several ideas for ways you can get involved. If you have a better idea, let us know or just get rolling. 🙂

You Can Get Involved… By Helping Yourself

Purchases of Guardian Silver and Shona Art automatically trigger gifts of Love Silver for the poor. Thus, you can support the world’s impoverished while also helping yourself:

  • Guardian Silver – Why feel sick? Why not use the benefits of Guardian yourself?
  • Shona Stone Sculptures – If you love fine art, this option is for you.

You Can Get Involved… With Just a Few Minutes’ Time

Here are 10 free and easy ways to get involved right now:

  1. Invite a friend to check us out:
  2. Bookmark these sites in your browser or Delicious & check back for updates.
  3. Share the malaria video & article with people who travel or work on International projects to help keep them safe on upcoming trips.
  4. Mention our cause on your Facebook or MySpace page.
  5. Tweet what’s new with @Muvezi.
  6. Paraphrase what we’re doing on your blog.
  7. Get involved in online health discussions.
  8. Share our stories on sites like Digg, Reddit, Yahoo Buzz and StumbleUpon.
  9. Share your new knowledge on sites like Yahoo Answers & Wikipedia.
  10. Or, perhaps most importantly, share the news with a friend or family member who is suffering from infection. You’ll be amazed at what can happen.

Each of the conversations suggested above only takes a few minutes to complete, yet makes a world of difference.

How many conversations can you start in 3 minutes? 

How many lives do you think those few minutes might help save?

You Can Get Involved… With a Little More Time

Each of the options listed above involve spreading ideas.  Simply by starting conversations with people, we have the chance to connect with communities already working on similar goals.

If you are willing to spend a little more time helping Muvezi, we could really use a hand reaching like-minded people who haven’t heard of our cause yet. We’re not referring to interrupting people with unwanted messages or knocking on strangers’ doors, but sharing our story with people you know who you think would find our cause worthwhile.

If you’ve read a book by Seth Godin called “Tribes” (book; audio; video), this would be a good time to apply it.  We need leaders.

If you find yourself interested in this but aren’t sure of the specifics, please be in touch and start a conversation with us.  We’d be thrilled to help you get better at helping others.

Why Every Contribution Is So Important

Muvezi is composed of people like you. Working as a collaborative unit, we accomplish more than any of us could on our own. Even a few minutes of your time is incredibly valuable.

In essence, “we” are actually “you”. Small efforts by thousands of people like you can make a massive difference. In fact, that’s how we’re already saving lives each day.

Consider yourself invited to get more deeply involved.

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