Silver Sol Breakthrough: Wound Healing, MRSA, Stem Cells

Posted by - July 21, 2009

New research published in the Journal of the Science of Healing Outcomes (Volume 1.4, July 2009) shows the effect of Silver Sol on wound healing, MRSA, and stem cell activation.

“This is an anti-microbial breakthrough,” says Dr. Brian Carpenter of Edmonton, Alberta.

Silver Sol is a new anti-microbial technology patented in 2006 (US Patent #7,135,195) that has been shown to be effective against numerous pathogens, including anti-biotic resistant bacteria and yeast. It has also been shown to inactivate viruses at the DNA/RNA level through magnetic resonance, preventing virus replication.  Silver Sol has also been approved by the FDA for treating burns and wounds and by the EPA as a hospital disinfectant.

The new peer-reviewed article by Dr. Gordon Pedersen and Keith Moeller explores several case studies involving “complicated” wounds and infections. Photographs show wound healing progress over time. Remarkable highlights include the closure of MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) infected wounds, the stimulation of stem cells, and an 88 year old woman’s recovery from a third-degree burn.

The full article, along with many photographs, is available here:

Silver Sol Improves Wound Healing: Case Studies in the Use of Silver Sol in Closing Wounds (Including MRSA), Preventing Infection, Inflammation, and Activiting Stem Cells
by Gordon Pedersen and Keith Moeller

Excerpt from the Article Abstract:

“Wound healing is a complex and fragile process, which can be complicated by infection and inflammation. In this study, multiple cases are reviewed pictorially for the purpose of recording improved wound healing using the antimicrobial Silver Sol gel. The daily use of Silver Sol gel results in reduced infection (including MRSA), which leads to less inflammation. By reducing the inflammation and infection wounds close faster and with less scaring. This remarkable review of the healing process strongly suggests that Silver Sol gel helps disinfect the wound, prevents further infection, helps reduce inflammation and stimulates stem cells which results in improved wound healing characterized by reduced inflammation, improved angiogenesis, faster phagocytosis and reduced scarring.”

Article Summary:

“The observations of these cases suggest that Silver Sol enhances healing outcomes through the following actions:

  1. Destroys MRSA in human subjects.
  2. Improves wound healing in ongoing serious HA-MRSA wounds.
  3. Improves wound healing in serious third degree burns.
  4. Controls infection in open wounds.
  5. Improves wound healing times and reduces scarring in a serious laceration.
  6. Silver Sol keeps the wound moist allowing greater cellular migration across the wound thus accelerating the closure of a wound and reduction of scarring.
  7. Stem cell activation is present, as observed in the center of the wound (beyond the wound margins) where re-epithelialization produced improved healing. It is remarkable to have a serious autoimmune wound heal so quickly and may be due to the reduction in inflammation and improved immune function modulated through the use of Silver Sol gel.
  8. Stem cell activation and production must have occurred as seen in the after photo which clearly illustrates discoloration of the scar but leaves no adverse scarring, pulling or adhesions on the surface of the wound. This is remarkable since most wounds of this nature would have required skin grafting to close the wound.

Silver Sol helps control unwanted bacteria, viruses and fungi which removes much of the workload from the immune system. This allows the immune components to perform their very specialized tasks without opposition while preventing secondary infection resulting in faster wound healing, with less scarring.”

Silver Sol Availability

Silver Sol is available at, along with supplementary informational resources.  Silver Sol liquid can be used as a spray for topical application in place of the gel.