Thank You Silver

Several years have passed since Muvezi Health Projects Society made the videos and other content available at  Some things have changed, but we are still very active in taking silver’s benefits to all of humanity, especially to those who cannot afford it. Without going into details, we are now helping more people than ever!

We are frequently asked by friends and colleagues in North America where to find silver for personal use.  Guardian Silver is currently not available, so what do we recommend?

We strongly recommend the use of Thank You Silver. Thank You Silver is available as a 10ppm liquid and as a topical gel.  The liquid comes in 16oz bottles, twice the size of Guardian’s 8oz bottles.  Delivery options are quick and cost-effective for residents of Canada and the United States.

In a nutshell, Thank You Silver is a better product at a lower price. That’s why it is so easy to recommend Thank You Silver to anyone who asks.

Thank You Silver

Thank You Silver


The technology in Thank You Silver is more advanced than Guardian Silver was.  Added years of research and development created what is now called “structured silver”, a generation beyond the hydrosol era of Guardian Silver and Love Silver.

Guardian and Love Silver were excellent products by any standard, but technologies improve and by now Thank You Silver is the industry’s #1 silver.  The development of silvers through time is introduced in the video below: